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Introduction to Logic

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  • Edition: 2016
  • Publisher: Little Green Apples Publishing LLC

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The Introduction to Logic Study Brief covers a wealth of information in a short read, perfect for doing homework and studying without having to search numerous websites or flip through heavy textbooks. It provides a clear and conceptual overview of the study of logic. This guide is intended as a quick reference for students enrolled in a beginning logic or an introductory philosophy course. Quickly access definitions of key terms and explanations oof fundamental principles supported by instructive examples and clarifying visuals. It is also recommended for students of computer science, engineering, business or statistics who could benefit from a review of basic logic fundamentals and critical thinking strategies. This Study Brief defines logic and explains different types of logic: formal, informal, symbolic and mathematical. It provides a short history, identifying significant developments in the field of logic as well as major philosophers, scientists, mathematicians and their important contributions. This academic outline discusses the purpose of studying logic and why the development of solid critical thinking skills are essential for everyone. Topics covered in this study guide include: statements, arguments, non-arguments, deductive and inductive logic fundamentals, fallacies, categorical propositions, categorical syllogisms, propositional logic, tautologies, contradictions, contingencies, equivalences, rules of inference, proofs, and logic gates.

Topics Covered:

  • What is Logic?
  • Critical Thinking
  • Basic Concepts
  • Deductive Logic
  • Inductive Logic
  • Fallacies
  • Categorical Proposition
  • Categorical Syllogism
  • Propositional Logic
  • Tautology Contradiction and Contingency
  • Logical Equivalence
  • Rules of Inference
  • Proofs
  • Logic Gates
  • Online Resources
  • References

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