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Study Briefs were created to assist students in getting a jumpstart in their learning goals through a quick and concise understanding of a vast range of topics that affect our academic and daily lives. These subjects, ranging from health and wellness to advanced mathematics and sciences amongst others, have been carefully selected by a team of instructors with extensive experience in education and a global approach to learning and instruction. With a need-to-know focus, each short read presents a wealth of useful tips and proven techniques in one convenient guide that will quickly bring the learner up to speed with complex topics.

About Little Green Apples Publishing, LLC

Little Green Apples Publishing, LLC

The team at Little Green Apples Publishing, LLC brings in over 50 years of collective campus experience in conceptualizing and delivering each title published. The imprint was created in response to a growing need for supplementary quick learning guides that would not only help bring a student up to speed with key concepts within a curriculum, but also manage their academic lives on campus. But that is only the beginning. Along this creative journey, we also discovered that today's student desires learning beyond the textbook. The increasing popularity of holistic learning helped us create unique titles, like Aromatherapy and Yoga, that are quick reads into wellness and health so that, on graduation day, today's student is perfectly prepared mind, body and soul for the next chapter: their working lives.