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History of World Philosophies

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  • Edition: 2016
  • Publisher: Little Green Apples Publishing LLC

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The History of World Philosophies Study Brief offers the reader a condensed conceptual overview of major world philosophies and informative profiles of the prominent philosophers who espoused these philosophical theories. A complementary edition to our Philosophy Concepts and Principles Study Brief, this title offers an advanced level of detail and perspective. A convenient resource for college students enrolled in an introductory Philosophy coursee, it is also recommended as a short read for anyone interested in attaining a high-level understanding of world philosophy without having to browse numerous websites or plow through heavy textbooks. This Study Brief discusses the origins of philosophy and highlights key historical developments in both western and eastern philosophy. It outlines the developments in philosophy in Europe during ancient times (Pre-Socratic. Classical/Socratic, Hellenistic, Roman), medieval period, renaissance years, and early modern period to contemporary times. It also includes a high-level review of the history of philosophy in Asia from ancient to modern times. A handy timeline of these different philosophies and associated philosophers is included. A wealth of information compiled in one convenient resource, the following philosophical movements are all outlined here: Aristotelianism, atomism, Averroism, Avicennism, British Empiricism, Buddhism, Confucianism, cynicism, deconstructionism, epicureanism, existentialism, German idealism, hedonism, Hegelianism, Hinduism, humanism, illuminationism, Ionism, Kantianism, logical positivism, logicism, Marxism, monism, neo-Confucianism, neo-Platonism, phenomenology, Platonism, pluralism, post-modernism, post-structuralism, pragmatism, rationalism, romanticism, scholasticism, Scotism, Shintoism, skepticism, sophism, stoicism, structuralism, Thomism, transcendentalism, and utilitarianism.

Topics Covered:

  • Philosophy in Europe: Ancient Times
  • Philosophy in Europe: Medieval Times
  • Philosophy in Europe: Renaissance Period
  • Early Modern Philosophy
  • Philosophy in Asia: Ancient to Modern Times
  • Historical Timeline of Philosophy and Famous Philosophers
  • References

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