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Weights and Measures

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  • Edition: 2016
  • Publisher: Little Green Apples Publishing LLC

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What is the formula to convert a Celsius temperature to its Fahrenheit equivalent? What number of additional kilobytes can fit on an 8 gigabyte flash drive? How many pecks in a bushel? How can you calculate the length of four city blocks? Questions like this pop up when you least expect it. Here's a handy reference guide to assist you in finding the answer to most any weight or measurement question or conversion situation you may face. Our Weights and Measures Study Brief is a useful compilation of interesting facts, figures and formulas. It offers concise definitions of key terms and quick access to conversion charts categorized according to use and function. The most current and up to date information is at your fingertips without needing to browse numerous websites or wonder if a source is reliable and accurate. Beginning with a short history and basic orientation to standard systems, inside are numerous reference charts ranging from basic weights and measures used when shopping, cooking and landscaping to conversions used in solving engineering, physics, mathematics and computer science problems, Check out individual sections on conversions for distance and length, area, speed, volume and capacity (liquid and dry), mass and weight, time, temperature, acceleration, density, stress and pressure, energy and work, power, force, circular measure, torque, flow rate, illuminance, radiation, fuel economy, computer storage, computer memory capacity and data transfer rate, Enjoy learning about unusual and humorous units of measurements. Additional reference sources and other useful links to online resources are also included.

Topics Covered:

  • Systems
  • Key Terms
  • Basic Weights and Measures
  • Temperature Conversions
  • Engineering and Physics Conversions
  • Flow Rate Conversions
  • Illuminance Conversions
  • Radiation Conversions
  • Computer Conversions
  • Cooking Conversions
  • Mathematics Conversions
  • Fuel Economy Conversions
  • Unusual Units of Measurement
  • Online Resources

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