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Pharmacy Terms and Abbreviations

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  • Edition: 2016
  • Publisher: Little Green Apples Publishing LLC

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Inside this edition of Study Briefs for Pharmacy Terms and Abbreviations, you will find a convenient resource tailored for a beginning pharmacy, nursing, and/or pre-med student, or a helpful quick reference for professionals working with pharmacists, nurse practitioners, or in other allied health care jobs. The Pharmacy Terms and Abbreviations Study Brief begins with a short introduction that includes some interesting facts and background on the orrigins and evolution of the field of pharmacology through time. This introductory-level Study Brief offers a selected list of commonly used Pharmaceutical Terms and Abbreviations along with accurate and up-to-date definitions. Each pharmacy term is defined in simple, easy to understand English. The abbreviations and acronyms include the Latin root (base word) when applicable and either a concise description of its meaning or the longer form of the shortened term. A highly useful and instructive section is included that focuses on common errors encountered in using pharmaceutical terms, abbreviations, and symbols in actual medical application. Terms and symbols that are frequently misused or confused are highlighted with misinterpretations explained along with the accurate and intended meanings reinforced.

Topics Covered:

  • Origin
  • Commonly Used Pharmacy Terms
  • Commonly Used Pharmacy Abbreviations
  • Pharmacy Abbreviation Errors
  • Online Resources

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