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  • Edition: 2016
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The Pharmacology edition of Study Briefs is a useful resource tailored for a beginning pharmacy, nursing, pharmacy tech, or pre-med student. It offers a high-level refresher in one short read for professionals working with pharmacists, nurse practitioners, or in other allied health care jobs. You will find this the ideal companion to our Pharmacy Terms and Abbreviations Study Brief, which focuses on helping you learn and remember important pharmacyy terminologies and acronyms. This Pharmacology Study Brief focuses on drug names, classifications, and common examples of drug names, listing the brand name with the generic name so that you view them together. a brief introduction to major contributors to the field of pharmacology, a description of the branches of pharmacology, guidelines on how to decipher drug names, key terms related to drug fundamentals. Principles of pharmacodynamics and pharmacokinetics are covered as well as information on factors of binding, metabolism and elimination. Individual sections focus on drug regulations and regulators and the drug development process, including phases of drug development. This Study Brief offers a quick up-to-date access to drug classifications/categories and provides a useful list of the most common drug names that pharmacy students need to study for exams, including both brand names and generic names for the drug. The top 200 drug names for 2015 are included.

Topics Covered:

  • Major Figures in Pharmacology
  • Branches of Pharmacology
  • Deciphering of Drug Names
  • Drug Fundamentals: Key Terms
  • Principles of Pharmacodynamics
  • Principles of Pharmacokinetics
  • Binding Metabolism and Elimination
  • Drug Classifications and List of Common Drug Examples
  • Drug Regulations and Regulators
  • Drug Development Basics
  • References and Online Resources

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