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Finance Equations

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  • Edition: 2016
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Facing problems related to finance may sound important and interesting to some, yet, dull and unexciting for others. However, understanding the subject of finance is a must for anyone who needs to solve every day financial problems and make personal finance choices or business investment decisions. We created this handy compilation of need-to-know accounting and financial formulas and equations as an advanced companion to our Finance and Accountingg Study Briefs. This short guide complies a wealth of information into an everyday reference including the most up to date figures found in current textbooks and online resources. It provides quick access to definitions of key terms and explanations of fundamental principles supported by instructive examples and clarifying visuals. Inside you will find numerous useful examples of formulas and equations related to assets and liabilities, capital, cash flow, cash conversion cycle, days sales outstanding, debt and sales ratios, dividends, earnings, future value, inflation, internal rate of return (IRR), inventory turnover, investment, payment calculations, perpetuity, present value, receivables turnover, return, return on investment (ROI), risk, sales and working capital, to name a few. Having at your fingertips for quick and easy reference, the numerous real-world examples of finance formulas and sample ratios makes this Study Brief an invaluable resource.

Topics Covered:

  • Present Value
  • Cash Flow Series
  • Future Value
  • Payment Calculations
  • Investment
  • Economics
  • Business and Accounting Formulas

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