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Everyday Grammar and Usage

  • Format: eBook
  • Edition: 2016
  • Publisher: Little Green Apples Publishing LLC

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How you write and speak English creates an impression every day. Just as we know we must dress professionally for success, we must also communicate effectively for success! The Everyday Grammar and Usage Study Brief is a must-have companion to our English Grammar and Punctuation title. It provides a useful collection of self-help information for all students and business professionals who want to improve their writing and speaking skills. This shorrt informative guide outlines a few quick fixes that can have a remarkable impact on your daily discourse. This Study Brief warns of the pitfalls of exhibiting poor grammar and usage when you interact in the workplace. It explains why autocorrect should not have free reign over text messages you compose and why relying on spell checking programs to catch all your mistakes in emails, documents, presentations and reports is not advisable. In this short guide, you will learn about the difference between prescriptive and descriptive grammar and be able to benefit immediately by implementing many of the practical strategies for better business communication described here. Useful, easy-to-follow charts clarify meanings of commonly confused words and provide expert tips on frequently made sentence errors to avoid. A handy comparison of various style guides is also included. Other topics include on-the-job style choices you should learn, the importance of bias-free language, and elements of email etiquette. Links to helpful online references and resources are recommended.

Topics Covered:

  • Grammar Types
  • Problems Caused by Poor Grammar
  • Autocorrect and Spell Check
  • Commonly Confused Words
  • Sentence Errors to Avoid
  • Style Guides
  • Bias-Free Language
  • Professional Writing Strategies
  • Email Etiquette
  • Online Resources

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