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Digital Editing

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  • Edition: 2016
  • Publisher: Little Green Apples Publishing LLC

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The Digital Editing Study Brief offers the end-user a concise quick-reference guide on the basics of altering/editing or enhancing digital media files (including digital audio, digital images and digital video), using commercially available and free digital media editors that are specifically developed for the purpose of working with these specialized files. Digital media files may be produced using digital cameras, digital camcorders, computer miccrophones and cameras, scanners, cellphones with sound, photo and video recorders, and other mobile devices with similar features. The raw images, footage, and sounds captured often need to be edited to send them via email or to add/delete/enhance various aspects of the file in creating a final product. The Digital Media Study Brief is intended as a helpful learning resource, offering expert guidance for new and developing end users, as well as a quick refresher of essentials for the occasional experienced user. It is an ideal beginner's tool to get a quick start on editing your personal collection of audio files, image files or video files today! The section on Digital Audio covers key terms and definitions, common audio file formats, best audio editors and tips for exporting an audio file as MP3. The Digital Images section covers key terms and concepts, file formats, aspect ratio, image resolution, bit depth, color depth, photo retouching, sampling rate, frame rate, frame size and best online image editors. The section on Digital Video covers key terms and concepts, file formats, sampling rates, bit depth, frame rates, frame size, aspect ratio, best video editors, steps to improve your social media reach and tips for applying slow motion effects. A section on safely preserving all your digital data is also included.

Topics Covered:

  • What is Digital Editing?
  • History of Digital Editing
  • Digital Audio
  • Digital Images
  • Digital Video
  • Hows to Preserve Your Digital Data
  • References

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