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Classical Mythology

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  • Edition: 2016
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The origin of numerous company names, cultural traditions, religious beliefs, and ancient stories are a result of Classical Mythology. With this Study Brief, you will learn key origins of Greek and Roman mythology, the comparison of significant similarities/differences in major figures and foundational stories. You can increase your understanding of how many modern company and product names are inspired by Greek mythological characters, such as Atllas Van Lines hopes you will think of how "Atlas" carried the world, and Nike would like you to associate its sports shoes and apparel with the winged goddess of victory. This Classical Mythology Study Brief is intended as a convenient resource for students to help with classical studies. It is also recommended as a short read for anyone interested in attaining a high-level overview of Greco-Roman mythology, including key concepts and key terms, without having to browse numerous websites or plow through heavy textbooks. A handy conversion chart is included that provides both the Greek and Roman name for major gods, goddesses, and the primordial deities. Reference charts that identify all the major Greek gods and goddesses and provide a concise description that is easy to understand and remember. These individual charts are categorized according to their specific type or domain (sky and weather; the sea; the underworld; the earth; and the countryside, pastures and wild forests). The Olympian gods, the Titans, and deified mortals are highlighted in particular. Also included is a quick summary chart of major Greek deities that provides their role and parentage, a short description, and associated characteristics and symbols.

Topics Covered:

  • What is Mythology?
  • Greek and Roman Mythology
  • Myths of Creation
  • Quick Reference to Greek Gods
  • Major Deities: at a Glance
  • 12 Labors of Haracles (Hercules)

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